Friday, February 29, 2008

Army recruiting exceeds goals again

By Donald Sensing

From Army Echoes, an offical newsletter by the Dept. of the Army for retirees. I got mine today. Click on image for larger version.

That last datum is pretty interesting.


Boghie said...

The comment on the USMC bears a bit of notice.

The Marine Corps had 162,000 active duty personnel on 9/11. And, we ran out of Tomahawk missiles during ‘Desert Fox’ and the initial fight in Afghanistan.

Now the Marine Corps has about 180,000 personnel - and is slated to grow to 202,000.

Kinda points out where we were when the fight came to us, eh.

Bagwell said...

On a flight a few months back I sat across the aisle from a Lt. General in the Army who is responsible for recruitment. He too mentioned how the Army seeks to recruit *each year* the number of Marines *in total*. He says it can be quite a challenge. I'm happy to see they met their 2007 goals.