Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wine, longevity and science

By Donald Sensing

Glenn Reynolds cites the very long lives of some California winemakers, such as,

Ernest Gallo (EJ Gallo Winery): March 18, 1909 to March 6, 2007
Tchelistcheff (Beaulieu Vineyards): Dec. 7, 1901 to April 5, 1994
Glenn ends by writing, "I don't think this supports any scientific conclusions. But why take chances?"

Actually, Glenn has it the wrong way round. These long lives alone cannot form the basis of a scientific conclusion, but they do support such a conclusion, once drawn.

However, the jury is still out on the question of whether resveratrol, a chemical in dark, red wines, makes you live longer. But it seems to be looking good so far.


Tom said...

Despite my preference for beer, this plus my beer belly (not enough exercise) have had me switching to wine.

But what's a good, cheap wine?

Tending towards merlot, for now.
Frankovka is a popular local Slovak wine.

Barry Dauphin said...

I think they provide more support for a more narrow scientific hypothesis. Namely, that being a wine maker is associated with longevity, more than simply being a wine drinker is.

Bill Quick said...

"But what's a good, cheap wine?"

You may think I'm nuts, but you cannot go wrong by getting yourself to the nearest Trader Joes and buying up a couple of cases of their legendary Charles Shaw wines, commonly called the Two Buck Chuck. The 2006 California Shiraz is particularly tasty at the moment. And at $24/case, how can you miss?

Anonymous said...

Re: wine and longevity. I don't know if it makes you live longer, or if it just helps you enjoy life more. Either way, it's worth enjoying. (I also like beer, but there's no law you can't enjoy both.)

Re: good cheap wine. I brought a couple of bottles of Little Penguin Cab Sav to a wine tasting (with a bunch of self confessed wine snobs). It took a while for anyone to try it, but the bottles I brought were drained well before anyone else's! (they also make a good Merlot and Shiraz.)

Also, if you have a Trader Joe's around, Charles Shaw is good. It's also known as 2 buck Chuck, although I had to pay 3 bucks a bottle for it.


RebeccaH said...

Tom, I suggest Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache. It's an Australian wine, very cheap, and excellent, not too dry or too fruity.

RightWingNutter said...


Two Buck Chuck, aka Charles Shaw. Available at Trader Joe's and possibly elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

It's the sitting around and relaxing that must be the trick. BTW: I've found that sulfite-free red wines don't leave a dry aftertaste. I recommend Frey Natural Red ... a table wine.

Anonymous said...

Fat Frog Red, from the Montezuma Winery in Montezuma, NY. An excellent wine with a funny name.