Friday, January 9, 2009

Ground Ops in Gaza

By Daniel Jackson

Over at, they have a good story about IDF ground troops in Gaza.

The IAF attacked approximately 25 targets, including:

Nine weaponry storehouses, most of them hidden under Hamas operatives’ homes
A number of weapons smuggling tunnels
Four rocket launching sites
A junction rigged with explosives, which operatives had planned to detonate against IDF forces
A vehicle carrying a rocket launcher
Two Hamas outposts
Five cells of armed operatives, some of which fired at IDF forces

Ground forces encountered and shot armed gunmen in several different incidents.
The accompanying video shows the lads moving through urban areas, coming under fire, finding a stash, and some blueprints. Son Shmuel, high school senior preparing for his turn in service, helped me with garbled language and identifying who's who. His take is that the guys at the beginning are paratroopers (brown boots) and the guys later on are Golanis (black boots). Although there are those who have been suggesting he consider artillery or mechanized units, Shmuel remains strongly identified with the paratroopers.

Shmuel says that they found two Israeli shells, a baggie with "something" in it, and lots of blueprints for setting up traps. It would appear that the Hamasniks were in a hurry to get out of there since they left their ski masks and really cool Freedom Fighter green garb. Doesn't take too much to blend in and return to civilian status.

You go, guys. Keep your head down and keep up; listen to the old man, who must be all of 22.


Donald Sensing said...

Okay, doesn't the IDF have airborne artillery?

danielhjackson said...

I'll ask Shmuel.