Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hamastan rockets

By Donald Sensing

Daniel Jackson posted of his "Plan for Hamastan" (aka, Gaza), which is to become fabulously prosperous by displacing Beirut ( or the remains thereof) as the eastern Med's number one playground of European getaways. This is more than possible because Gaza's beaches are the best in the whole eastern Med.

But instead Hamas, the death cult fascists (literally) who rules Gaza much prefers to keep Gazans in abject poverty and ignorance because that proves effective enough in sucking down Euros and dollars. According to the US State Dept., "The Palestinians are the largest per capita recipients of foreign aid worldwide." So who needs resort hotels in Gaza to get foreign capital?

It's not like investors haven't tried to get the resort business going in Gaza already. In 2008, such a hotel opened. But before long:

Unknown militants stormed a Gaza Strip beach resort early Wednesday and burned it down after handcuffing three security guards, witnesses and security sources said.

The militants siezed three computers from the Ebad al-Rahman resort and fled, the sources added.

The resort opened this summer and is located close to Hamas' internal security headquarters.
So the rockets have ruled. I visited Sederot in 2007 on the same day the town was struck by six Hamas rockets. See my post here. For now, the rocket threat has abated from Gaza. But absolutely no one thinks that Hamas has no rockets any more. They are merely biding their time.

Until what? Well, now that Hezbollah in Lebanon has received long-range, surface-to-surface SCUD missiles from Syria, whatever the wait might be for could come at any time. Hezbollah and Hamas are both Iranian clients.
Hizbullah sources confirmed on Thursday that the group had received a shipment of Scud missiles from Syria, the Kuwaiti paper Al-Rai reported.

But the missiles were old and unusable, according to the sources. Hizbullah also accused Israel of blowing the incident out of proportion to provoke a media ruckus.

“Our organization has many surface-to-surface missiles spread across all of Lebanon, in case Israel attacks the country again,” the Hizbullah sources said.
So Israel's deadly enemies together now have missiles that place every man, woman and child in Israel within range. But don't worry, Daniel! Hezbollah promises that the SCUDs are "old and unusable!" You can sleep well!

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