Monday, May 3, 2010

Censorship of news of Gulf well fire?

By Donald Sensing

The Real Revo:
I work in the offshore oilfield (mostly in the office). My company had 3 technicians on the Transocean DeepWater Horizon when it caught fire. All three were safely evacuated. I currently have two technicians on a “contracting vessel” with a 125 Ton winch for salvage ops. BP has roughly 250 personnel from my company reporting directly to them. I’m being told that they’ve seized all cell phones, cameras, and are monitoring every email, fax, and phone call to and from all contracting vessels (They have two of our vessels). They’re maintaining a very tight lid on operations. Here are 24 of the pics I got while I was off on my 14 days at home (I’ll add more as I get em... .
I have not seen any other photos of the well on fire. There are many more here. Just breathtaking. (Photographer unidentified.)

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