Thursday, November 8, 2012

Big Brother getting much bigger

By Donald Sensing

TSA plans to track all daily travels to social events, grocery store or work:

Why? Because they can.

Technology, which is increasingly serving as a double-edged sword these days, could produce what security experts foresee as a bumper crop of detection tools in the future. That could include biometrics, electronic fingerprinting and behavioral analysis, all of which would produce quicker, smoother and less intrusive travel screening in the years ahead.
Others; however, envision a Big Brother-type of government that gets even more intrusive, perhaps even requiring chip-embedded passports or other travel documents we’d be required to carry that would reveal to federal transportation watchdogs everything about our daily travels – commutes to work, to sporting events, shopping centers – even to social gatherings.
All, of course, in the name of “security.”
Ed Daly is one expert who sees both versions of events transpiring.
“The future of transportation security will be gathering intelligence technologically while people are moving at the speed of life, not beginning at a point where passengers are queued up, delayed, stripped down and probed,” he told Briggs.
Remember, Obama voters: this is what you voted for on Nov. 6.  with a "Bush started it," doesn't work now. As of Nov. 6, Barack Obama owns everything, period.

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