Thursday, November 15, 2012

CNN: Petraeus To Testify He Knew Libya Was Terrorism 'Almost Immediately'

By Donald Sensing

CNN: Petraeus To Testify He Knew Libya Was Terrorism 'Almost Immediately':

Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported that a high-placed source informed her that former CIA Chief David Petraeus will use his upcoming testimony to amend his previous testimony. According to this source, Petraeus will tell the closed door congressional hearing that he knew "almost immediately" that the September 11 anniversary attack on our Libyan consulate was a terrorist attack committed by the al-Qaeda-linked militia Ansar Al Sharia.
Now can we stop the nitwittery that the White House threw Petraeus under the bus last week to stop him from testifying? That idea was floated by, among others, no less than Charles Krauthammer. But it's simply idiotic.

In related news, former Clinton White House Counsel Lanny Davis sees the light and says that the FBI's Tampa field office should be investigated for the whole sorry way it started and continued its investigation. Which is what I said last Tuesday.

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