Saturday, November 24, 2012

Dear Dem voters: Now you will know

By Donald Sensing

John Podhoretz:

The United States will now undergo a four-year stress test of American liberalism, as Obama will get his tax hike and ObamaCare will be implemented. Those who think Obama cared about people like them will now experience the full extent of his caring. 
Which is much what I told you the day after the election:
Before Democrat voters rejoice, they should soberly consider what this means:
  • A permanent decline in your standard of living and especially that of your children,
  • A permanently-growing federal government, consuming growing proportions of America's wealth,
  • And expanding government control or outright ownership of the country's financial activity,
  • Per-capita shrinkage of economic activity,
  • An expansive federal bureaucracy, with exponentially exploding regulatory authority over the way you live your daily lives in ways you cannot even imagine yet,
  • And therefore greater and greater restrictions on your freedoms to say what you want, do what you want, possess what you want, except you will have federally-funded sex lives without restriction, because Democrats think that you will acquiesce to being stripped of all your freedoms without protest as long as they pay for your sex. And they are right. You are already gladly exchanging your liberty for censure-less rolls in the hay. 
  • Crony capitalism? You ain't seen nothing yet. Increasingly, government contracts and stimulus money (by whatever name) will be funneled to the ideologically pure. You, the ordinary Democrat voter, will be frozen out of this largess. You are of neither use nor concern to the Party except on election day. You are a mere prole. Get used to it.
  • Diminishment of your health and shorter life spans because Obamacare is absolutely designed for the benefit of government and its licensed financial allies, not you,
  • Expanding federal debt almost without end, meaning that even as your own personal income falls, you will pay an ever-higher proportion of it in taxes of one kind or another (but don't worry, you will blindly drink the Kool-Aid that only "the rich" are paying more taxes),
  • "Almost without end," because the end will come to the gravy train, and it will be truly apocalyptic when it does. "Chaos" does not even begin to describe it; in fact, chaos will be the best outcome you can expect. Oh, when this happens (when, not if) you will lose absolutely everything you own. Ev. Ry. Thing. Because there is no one to bail America out.
But remember: you asked for it on Nov. 6, 2012. As H. L. Mencken said, "Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard." You just got what you want. The hard part that you cannot even fathom is now being born.
During the campaign the Dem voters I talked with almost never could enunciate why they wanted Obama to win except in the most general of terms, such as liking Obamacare or raising taxes in the rich, but they could not explain in even the most general terms how they personally would be better off. It's as if Obama's reelection would be neutral for them. But they absolutely believed that Romney's election would throw them personally into virtual slavery.

As Podhoretz points out, Obama never ran on any of the issues and he certainly did not run on his record.
He did not tack to the center, as Bill Clinton did. But he didn’t celebrate his own successes either. He went small, targeted, and contentless.
But contentless worked because that was the extent of the great majority of people who voted for him wanted or needed to consider. All Obama had to do was present himself as contentless - neutral - and Romney as the devil personified. That's what he did and it worked. 

That is also all the the next Democrat candidate has to do in 2016, too. It will work then just as well as it worked this year. 

Update: And Dem voters, when your employer lays you off or cuts your hours to part time or rejects your job application because you would be worker number 50, remember: that's what you voted for.

This, too.

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