Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you, proles. See you in four years

By Donald Sensing

In my summary of the future of the Republican Party (it ain't got one), I also laid out what the Democrats triumphant means for rank and file blue voters. One bullet point was:

  • Crony capitalism? You ain't seen nothing yet. Increasingly, government contracts and stimulus money (by whatever name) will be funneled to the ideologically pure. You, the ordinary Democrat voter, will be frozen out of this largess. You are of neither use nor concern to the Party except on election day. You are a mere prole. Get used to it.
Commenter Ellie at Small Dead Animals observes the still-massive failures of Sandy relief efforts and concludes:
Barack Obama doesn't care about white people!
Seriously though: the election's over, he doesn't need these people's votes now. He spent today on the golf course according to reports, and next week he and Michelle head off to Thailand for some R&R. All hail Emperor Nero and Queen Marie Antoinette!
Posted by: Ellie in T.O. at November 10, 2012 7:49 PM
Obama to Thailand while untold numbers of his base constituency suffers and starves?

Well, yes.

And don't forget that just after the election, Obama went straight back to his primary presidential duty: GOLF AND PRIORITIES: New Yorkers Still In The Dark As Obama Hits The Links. 

The proles' chickens are coming home to roost.

Another commenter dissects why Sandy relief is failing to relive and concludes,
The only organizations in this whole farce that showed up like they meant it have been churches. Not seeing much of that covered in the MSM are we?
Certainly not. The oldline media are the Ministry of Truth.

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