Friday, December 21, 2012

An informed opinion on gun control

By Donald Sensing

An opinion on gun control:

Anyone who wants to know more factual information about firearms in relationship to any proposed gun-control legislation should read this. Not a short essay, but more than worth the time.

Update: I would add that the writer spent many years training police officers in firearms. This paragraph caught my eye since it is something I have written about, too:

I do find one thing highly amusing. In my personal experience, some of the most vehement anti-gun people I’ve ever associated with will usually eventually admit after getting to know me, that if something bad happened, then they really hope I’m around, because I’m one of the good ones. Usually they never realize just how hypocritical and na├»ve that is. 
It is also frankly immoral. If you believe actual self defense is morally permissible (leave aside for now the legal issues, which vary from state to state), and you are an adult, then how can you possibly think that someone else is more obligated to defend you than you are? As I have written before, no one is more responsible for your defense than you. Hence,
 If I face criminal danger in public, my number one choice will be to flee, not fight. Having no other choice, I will draw or use my pistol to save my children, my wife, myself. Not you. ... 
If you are an adult, no one is more responsible for defending you than you. If you find yourself unarmed and needing defending, it is because you decided to be. Bluntly put, I am not going to put my life at risk to subsidize your stupid decision. I might be morally justified in defending you with lethal force, but I am not morally obligated to do so.
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