Monday, January 21, 2013

Unintended consequences? Says who?

By Donald Sensing

HIGHER EDUCATION UPDATE: Universities Bludgeon Adjuncts With Obamacare Loophole.

Pasted from the link at Instapundit:

HIGHER EDUCATION UPDATE: Universities Bludgeon Adjuncts With Obamacare Loophole.

Many colleges are cutting back on the number of hours worked by adjunct professors, in order to avoid new requirements that they provide healthcare to anyone working over 30 hours per week. This is terrible news for a lot of people; 70 percent of professors work as adjuncts and many will now have to cope with a major pay cut just as requirements that they buy their own health insurance go into effect. . . . 
This isn’t the first time we’ve seen serious unintended consequences from Obamacare, and it’s unlikely to be the last. 

Why does the author think this is an unintended consequence?

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