Monday, February 4, 2013

Guns are small potatoes

By Donald Sensing

In an article in the NYT about how AR-styled rifles became perhaps the most sought-after type of rifle in America, we find this nugget of information:

It might seem remarkable, given the national conversation about gun control, but guns are a relatively small business in the United States. Sales of commercial guns and ammunition — as opposed to those sold to the military and police — amounted to about $5 billion in 2012. That’s less than half of the profits that Apple earned in the final 13 weeks of last year. 
Notice that the gun figure of $5B is for total sales, while Apple's figure of more than $10B is for profits; Apple's sales figure would be several multiple higher. This is, of course, assuming that the NYT's writer knew he was mixing apples (heh) and oranges in the financial figures. But considering that this is the New York Times, that's no better than an even bet.

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