Monday, February 4, 2013

Last Night's Sex and Football Show

By Donald Sensing

The game itself was one of the best in recent memory. It's always a good Super Bowl when the game goes down to the last play to be decided. No doubt CBS is happy since the non-blowout kept viewers viewing, and that means ad money won't have to be refunded. I personally didn't much care which team won but I enjoyed the play.

Baltimore didn't win, San Francisco lost. Their last possession was wholly mismanaged by Coach Jim Harbaugh. I say that not only does the blame for the loss rest wholly on his shoulders, he is also just a loser - evidence of which was his extended conniption fit on the sideline about an uncalled (presumed) holding penalty. Losers blame the refs. Fact is, Jim, you tried to cross the goal line with three straight unsuccessful pass plays from the 5 when your quarterback was averaging 8 yards per carry.

The non-game stuff was mostly just horrid. With only a couple of exceptions, the ads were the worst I can recall.

This was the most pointlessly sex-drenched Super Bowl ever, mainly Beyonce's "Look at me I'm a whore!" act but also including many of the ads, mainly GoDaddy's and Calvin Klein's. Yet another indicator that the Second Coming can't arrive a moment too soon.

I'm willing to bet that the Super Bowl won't be held in the Superdome again until there is an entirely-new management staff of the power system there.

Update: I forgot to mention that Alicia Keys sang the National Anthem like she was a half-blitzed  bar singer:

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