Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The US Army Domestic Constabulary

By Donald Sensing

Budget plan would slash Army by 100,000 soldiers

WASHINGTON — The Army would be slashed by more than 100,000 soldiers to a force of 420,000 by 2019 under budget plans set to be unveiled next month.
It is a level far below what Army leaders have said they would need to ensure they can fight one major war and will be one of the highest-profile changes to the military as it downsizes due to fiscal pressure and the winding down of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The Army currently has 528,000 soldiers and had been scheduled to drop to 490,000 troops by 2019. The 420,000 level reflects Pentagon planning based on automatic budget cuts that will reduce military spending by about $500 billion over the decade unless Congress restores the funding.
This fall, Army chief of staff Gen. Raymond Odierno warned top Pentagon officials in a briefing that a force of 450,000 soldiers would be "too small" and at "high risk to meet one major war," according to documents obtained by USA TODAY. The Army could not adequately protect the country and fight abroad at 420,000 soldiers, the documents stated.
At that size the survival rate of soldiers throw into battle will be be dreadfully low. As a retired Army officer it grieves me to say this, but here it is. My advice to young men and women:

Stop joining the US military. Do not talk to recruiters or let them seduce you with sales pitches of job training or education benefits. These now have the main purpose of more deeply tying your personal prosperity, hence your liberty, to government control and largess. Let the diminishing number of unaborted children of the Left put on the uniforms of our military. The Left has wanted an ineffective military for decades and now it has got it. So let the Left sacrifice its own to protect the State it has wanted for decades and finally got. 

Update - Well, the Army really has no choice now: "US Army considers replacing thousands of troops with robots"