Friday, February 21, 2014

"Diversity" is Conformity

By Donald Sensing

Attacking Diversity of Thought

Only in Leftist lala land could "diversity" intentionally exclude "thinking differently from the party line."

Welcome to 1984, people.

Update: Part of an assessment of the American Council of Trustees and Alumni,  "Education or Reputation: A Look at America’s Top-Ranked Liberal Arts Colleges:"
Our top-ranked liberal arts colleges have discouraged the free exchange of ideas and free inquiry. According to a study by the redoubtable Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, incorporated by ACTA into its report, all of the top liberal arts colleges seriously impair freedom of speech. Fourteen—including Carleton College, Colgate University, Middlebury College, and Wellesley College—have in place “at least one policy that clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.” Several punish “offensive speech.” Some American college and universities have actually banished unfettered expression to designated “free speech zones”—a dodge reminiscent of how Russia marginalized protesters during the Winter Olympics.
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