Tuesday, March 18, 2014

This worries me personally at this moment

By Donald Sensing

My daughter has been in Germany over her university spring break on a school-sponsored study trip. As I type, she and her classmates have recently left Amsterdam's Schipol airport to flt on Delta Air Lines Flight 33 to Atlanta.

Here is what FlightAware is showing now. The blue line is the planned flight path, the plane symbol shows the aircraft's actual GPS-linked location as of several minutes prior (it's not quite real time).

FlightRadar, which claims data display in actual real time, shows the same thing:\

So: am I too paranoid, or not paranoid enough?

I know there are valid reasons for such a detour, such as weather avoidance, but with the Malaysian airliner still in the news, well . . . .

Daughter's plane is an Airbus A330, btw, not a B-777.

Update, 10 a.m. EDT: If the plane doesn't turn south PDQ . . .

10:18 EDT:
Don't see a weather-related reason for the flight path. This is a satellite shot of current weather over the UK from the UK Met office. It appears less weather-bound over the planned route (across northern Wales) than the actual route.

10:30 EDT:

This is what FlightAware shows:

And this is what Flightradar24 shows, which as you may imagine is making my blood pressure skyrocket:

So I removed the filter on Flightradar24 that made it show only DAL33. No filter means the screen shows every airliner in the air. When you mouse over each symbol, its identifying info is displayed.

None of these display DAL33:

10:46 EDT

Until now there was no display on Delta Air Lines web site. Now there is and it displays a northern route planned all along. So this helps a lot. And it has reappeared on Flightradar24, too.

14:00 EDT: Feet dry!

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