Friday, April 4, 2014

Talk about lucky!

By Donald Sensing

Skydiver nearly struck by meteorite

One summer day in 2012, Anders Helstrup and several other members of Oslo Parachute Club jumped from a small plane that had taken off from Østre Æra Airport in Hedmark.
With Go-Pro-type cameras rolling, Helstrup opened his parachute and awaited the arrival of his skydiving partner. Then a dark object dropped vertically past him, maybe only centimeters away.

It was a falling meterorite.
When a meteoroid enters the Earth’s atmosphere, it slows down and ionizes molecules around it; it is this blazing track across the sky that is called a meteor.

When the light disappears, the meteorite enters the stage called "dark flight"; it then no longer travels at an angle, but falls straight down.

“It has never happened before that a meteorite has been filmed during dark flight; this is the first time in world history,” said Amundsen.
Helstrup was doubly lucky - lucky that the meteorite didn't hit him and lucky that he caught it on video. Pretty amazing.

HD video at the link, here's the Youtube. The rock appears in the left-corner screen after Helstrup opens his chute and before his partner falls by.