Thursday, July 10, 2014

Because there is no such thing anymore as "loyal" opposition

By Donald Sensing

From Glenn:

NEW CLASS PRIORITIES, BRITISH EDITION: Council blows £214,000 over five years on fruitless hunt for blogger who insulted councillors as he promised to ‘expose the truth.’
For a long time for the British Left, and now suffused throughout the American Left, there has not been even a notion that political opposition could be reasonable or even beneficial. Before liberals morphed into Leftists, they affirmed that public debate and discourse was a good its own right.

No more. To Leftists there cannot possibly be reasonable opposition to them. And they take any attempts at such opposition as attacks on themselves. We have gone since just the 1980s from 'all politics is local' to all politics is personal.

There are no opponents of the Left, there are only enemies. And enemies must not be merely defeated. They must be destroyed.