Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tenn. Governor doubtful about arming teachers

By Donald Sensing

Tennessee's Republican Governor Bill Haslam is skeptical about arming teachers.

Governor Bill Haslam again voiced misgivings Tuesday about a proposal to arm some teachers in case of a school shooter. But he stopped short of condemning the idea altogether.
At least one bill is already on file to let teachers carry guns, and other lawmakers have floated similar ideas. Haslam says he’s heard from sheriffs who worry about it:
“They said ‘Our problem with that is, when we come into a school, we’re looking for the adult with the weapon.’”
If some of the armed adults could be teachers, Haslam says taking down a gunman could be more complicated. The governor also mentioned his daughter, who teaches second grade.
“I said, ‘Can you imagine a situation where you or other teachers were armed?’ And she goes ‘I can’t, I can’t imagine in middle of the classroom how that’s going to be effective.’”
Even so, Haslam would not fully rule out arming teachers, saying he’d wait to see specific legislation.
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