Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Voting fraud in Nashville

By Donald Sensing

Inoculated blog has details.

[S]omeone was bringing in vanloads of non-English-speaking Mexicans with no identification to one of the Nashville early voting locations. Along with the non-English speaking individuals came a bilingual woman to act as their interpreter. She informed the election personnel that she would accompany the voters into the booth, read the ballot for them, and insure that their vote was cast for the candidates of their choice.

The Davidson County Election Commission, including its Democrat members, decided that the individuals would not be allowed to vote on the grounds that since they were unable to speak, understand, or read English, they could not possibly be citizens, and therefore were not qualified to vote. In addition, Mr. Greer mentioned that these people were unable even to request the assistance of a translator themselves. Accordingly, Ray Barrett, Davidson County Administrator of Elections, instructed his employees to refuse to allow any of these individuals to vote.

However, someone prevailed upon Mr. Barrett to call the state in order to verify the Commission's decision. Brook Thompson, the Tennessee State Election Coordinator, then ordered Mr. Barrett and the Davidson County Election Commission to allow these non-English-speaking individuals to vote through their bilingual interpreter despite their lack of any sort of identification and total unfamiliarity with the English language.
There's more, so read the whole thing. Now consider this excerpt from the official Democrat party platform:
we oppose laws that require identification in order to vote or register to vote
That's on page number 56 of the plaform document, at the linked site it is p. 58 of the total document because the first two pages are not numbered.

I don't need a calculator to add two and two here.

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Anonymous said...

Shocking the DNC platform would prohibit voter ID. Need an ID to buy beer - but voting? The DNC will trust you (as long as you vote the DNC way). How fast are we converting to socialist/commie nation, Reverend?