Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Embedded journalist called out targets for troops

By Donald Sensing

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Howard Kurtz writes a pretty good media review column for the WaPO. Today he examines the gunfight CNN's Brent Sadler and crew got it with fedayeen the other day, and discusses how Boston Herald embedded reporter Jules Crittenden "called out Iraqi positions as his unit rolled through Baghdad, thus helping to kill three Iraqi soldiers." Wrote Crittenden,

Some in our profession might think as a reporter and non-combatant, I was there only to observe. Now that I have assisted in the deaths of three human beings in the war I was sent to cover, I'm sure there are some people who will question my ethics, my objectivity, etc. I'll keep the argument short. Screw them, they weren't there. But they are welcome to join me next time if they care to test their professionalism.
Crittenden, btw, is en route home now. Here is his last file from the war zone. It's good.


Tregonsee said...

My oh my, this certainly goes contrary to the (Bernie) Shaw Doctrine. Yeah!!

Anonymous said...

The link for Howard Kurtz's column is broken. Couldn't get a good link from Google either, so I'm a bit puzzled about what this was about.