Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Italy and Dubai trade prohibitions

By Donald Sensing

Rules for foreigners in Dubai: "Don't drink alcohol, have sex or even hold hands."

British tourists and expats working in Dubai have been given a 'Dos and Don'ts' list in a bid to keep them out of jail.
The Foreign Office warns that drinking alcohol, sharing a hotel room when unmarried and even holding hands could land visitors in trouble because of strict Muslim laws.
Actually, native Dubaians can't do those things, either.

Rules for Muslim women in Rome: Don't wear a burqa.
ROME (AFP) – Italian police fined a Muslim woman for wearing a full Islamic veil in a street in the northern city of Novara, possibly the first such incident in Italy, city officials said on Tuesday.

"City police ticketed her last night and she will have to pay a 500-euro (650-dollar) fine," Mauro Franzinelli of the Novara municipal police told AFP.
Someone tell me again that in this age of globalization there is no such thing as a clash of cultures.

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