Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Whole World Is Watching

By Daniel Jackson

While it may be the case that Israel's intelligence community misread the indicators revolving around Turkey's breakneck pace to radical Islam, the American counterpart has been clueless. Erdogan has been blatant in his thumbing his nose at the US since 2003 when he refused to allow the US led coalition access to Turkey from which to stage the invasion of Iraq. His most recent role as the facilitator of the Brazil Iran nuclear material scam was completely in Obama's face. The O-Meister did not even twitch.

It is clear that Erdogan has no intention of pulling back from the brink. He means what he says that he intends to break the Israeli-Egyptian blockade of Gaza. Now, the Jerusalem Post reports that Iran's Revolutionary Guard says they want to go along for a ride. He has islamified his control of the Army and Intelligence upper ranks with loyal cronies so a coup from secular forces is a pipe dream.

It would appear that Admiral Mullen's concern for "unintended consequences" has now materialized. Deploying US ships to the Persian Gulf would appear to open the sealanes to Israel from Turkey. The prospect of a Turkish Iranian force "escorting" a peace flotilla to Gaza is nothing short of an invasion--a provocation to war.

This is not a game theory scenario. This is real. Already Erdogan is spending millions to prepare new ships to head to Israel. The man is spoiling for a fight. His verbiage makes absolutely no sense to Western circles; but, it is perfectly clear to his audience and their normative system. The pragmatic objective is to destroy Israel. This is not paranoia. He is not interested in a "fair" inquiry; in fact, he is loathe to anything of the sort. The man means war.

Israel has many aces up its sleave. It has gone round and round with Turkey in war games so both sides know what to expect. The stakes are higher now because Israel's strike will be followed by the missile barrages from Gaza and Lebanon. Everyone will be involved.

Mr. President Barack Hussein Obama MUST determine which side he is on. He has been elected to the post of commander in chief. War is coming in no uncertain terms. How will Mr. President react? Will he hold back and let Iran take out a carrier or two? Will he permit a Turkish Iranian invasion of Gaza? How much destruction of Israeli cities and population will he permit before he can behoove himself to act?

Turkey and Iran are betting the farm that Mr. President is all talk and no action. It is time for Mr. President to make Turkey know in no uncertain terms that setting sail to attack Israel is unacceptible. He could even ask his friends at NATO if they would help out.

The first step is to censure Turkey as a NATO member for financing the "hate boat" and for its war build up against Israel.

The second step, simultaneous with the first, is to deploy US naval forces to the south of Cyprus.

The third step is let Mr. Putin know VERY CLEARLY, in your best communication oratory style, to stay out of this mess completely. Use the teleprompter.

Finally, forget the oil spill and focus on the blood spilling that is to come. BP and the USCG can handle the spill, as messy as it is. If action is not taken soon, it will be on the beaches of Tel Aviv that Mr. President will be walking to sift the sand for evidence of carnage for photo-ops.

Mr. President--the whole world is watching which way you turn. This is your D-Day--your day of decision. Israelis will pay for their freedom with their blood. But you, Mr. President, will pay with your name. History will not be kind. We will never forget.


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