Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Richard Dawkins - Protestant Atheist

By Donald Sensing

The problem with Richard Dawkins' atheism is not his atheism, per se, but that his atheism is so Protestant.

My problem with Richard Dawkins is not that he is an atheist. I admire that. It's that he's a Protestant atheist. Religion, many think, has been slain by the experimental method of science. Beginning with Galileo's experiments on free fall, science has succeeded because it is value-free, objective and proves its points not by nebulous belief but by rigorous logic and verified proof. This is a complete misunderstanding.
And as it turns out, scientists are not nearly as atheistic as some folks such as Dawkins make them out to be. More than 70 percent of scientists describe themselves as "religious in the traditional sense" or "spiritual."

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