Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Sandy is not Obama's Katrina

By Donald Sensing

Even though it ought to be: Bush vs. Obama – Disaster Edition | Matt's Meditations

In New Jersey this week non-union power crews were shunned and went to Pennsylvania instead. 1,000,000 homes and businesses are without power in New Jersey. Rescuers are still finding new victims as of this morning. 
400,000 homes and businesses on Long Island are without power with temperatures in the 30′s and 30,000+ are homeless in New York City. There are few if any television cameras. The election is sucking up all the air time.  
The President on the other hand left the White House this morning for stops today in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado. He will not be back in Washington until Tuesday night. How can he have time to deal with the crisis if he is spending all of his time campaigning?  
And the response from the media? crickets……
Exactly right.

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