Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Full speed for the fiscal cliff

By Donald Sensing

Geithner: Ready to Go Over 'Cliff' If Taxes Don't Rise

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geither told CNBC Wednesday that Republicans are "making a little bit of progress" in "fiscal cliff" talks but said the Obama administration was "absolutely" ready to go over the cliff if the GOP doesn't agree to raise tax rates on the wealthy. 
"I think they're making a little bit of progress," Geithner said. "They're clearly moving and figuring out how to try to move further." 
But Geithner said the White House would "absolutely" go over the fiscal cliff — triggering over $600 billion in automatic spending cuts and tax increases — unless tax rates increase on the top 2 percent of wage earners.
Going over the cliff is in fact the actual Democrat plan. They want to go over so they can blame it on the Republicans. This president has only one goal in his second term: to eliminate political and economic competition to himself first and the Democrat party second. There is no other Obama agenda. Not jobs, not economic growth, not anything. Emplacing permanent one-party rule in this country is the sole goal for term 2. 
There is no check and balance on the Democrats to stop them. The media have been so thoroughly co-opted that they will never return to their traditional role of the fourth estate and guardian on behalf of the people against the government imperium. National level reporters and producers will never surrender their prestige, money and power to do that. They are individually too personally invested in the Democrat status quo ever to turn aside. 
If all goes according to plan - and I personally think it will - then forget all the talk about Hillary in 2016. Maybe she'll run and maybe she won't. Won't matter. The Dems could nominate a circus clown and keep the White House. 
I posted in 2003,
When my children are my age, they will not be free in any recognizably traditional American meaning of the word. I’d tell them to emigrate, but there’s nowhere left to go. I am left with nauseating near-conviction that I am a member of the last generation in the history of the world that is minimally truly free.
I really did not imagine it would take so few years.