Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Brent Musberger is a dirty old man

By Donald Sensing

At one point during last night's BCS game, my wife and I looked at each other simultaneously with the same comment on our lips - here is a 73-year-old man on national TV leering at a young woman in the stands. And leering and leering and leering . . .

'Bama QB A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb, left, and his mother, Dee Dee Bonner, right.

I mean, yuck!

And if the first instance wasn't bad enough, later in the game they went back to Ms. Webb and McCarron's mom and started drooling again. Not only was Musberger slobbering over Ms. Webb, he was over Ms. Bonner, too.

Frankly, I am surprised to learn that Musberger is only 73. I honestly thought he was much older.

Brent, please retire while you can still claim a minimum of decency.

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