Monday, January 28, 2013

First, let's kill all the Christians

By Donald Sensing

David Warren on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood:

Throughout the Middle East, as Islamists come to power, or merely into a position to terrorize, ancient Christian communities are put to flight. They don’t leave casually; they leave because their homes & businesses & churches are firebombed, & their walls are decorated with slogans to communicate, “You’re next!” Most of Iraq’s million-&-a-half Christians are now gone; Syria’s Christians have started their exodus in anticipation of Assad’s fall. With the advance of Islamism throughout the Muslim world (including Bosnia & Albania), it becomes open season on them everywhere. 
The Western media are not interested in this story; & the West more generally doesn't want to know. ...
 I fear that the fate of the [Egyptian] Copts will be worse, than that of others who got a head start on them, & behind whom the doors now close. 
Does our president protest the human-rights abuses both happening and looming in Egypt? No. For the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt he gives not protest but F-16 fighter jets.

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