Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Minus 86 rating for SOTU speech

By Donald Sensing

Bing.com had a page up for the State of the Union speech tonight that let users vote every five seconds throughout the delivery of the speech. You clicked a radio button for either Democrat, Republican or Independent, and another for either male or female, and then were enabled to vote every five seconds. Your voting choices were "very negative," "negative," "neutral," "positive," or "very positive."

The continually updated graphs showed a line chart of the voting trends for each of the affiliations and both sexes. And here they are at speech's end; these are the overall summary graphs. Click the image for larger size.

I noted early that self-described independents tracked pretty closely with Republicans throughout the speech.

Update: I noticed at the time but didn't get a grab of the graph that the lowest point during the speech itself was when Obama talked about gun control. No one liked that, Dems, Reps or Indies alike. And there was no segment of the address that garnered more votes, either. So more people voted on gun control than anything else, and its disapproval level was greater than anything else. Graph here.

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