Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Taliban to pacify Chicago

By Donald Sensing

The Obama administration has concluded its lengthy negotiations (often done through intermediaries) with Afghanistan's Taliban with an agreement that a peacekeeping force of 600 Taliban fighters will be sent to Chicago to lead the way in pacifying the most violent city on America.

A Taliban spokesman told Agence France Presse:
"We have many years of combat experience in violent areas of our country. We have fought rebels, insurgents, villagers, urban militias, rival drug lords and Soviet and American occupying forces. We have fought on foot, horseback, on camels and donkeys, and from trucks. We are very well armed and so we think we are just what Chicago city officials need to bring the level of violence down to what it is in Afghanistan today, which would make life for Chicagoans significantly safer and more peaceful."
HT: Erick Blair

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