Sunday, January 5, 2014

War on the poor continues hammer and tongs

By Donald Sensing

The administration's war on the poor is crushing them like bugs. Here is a chart from the Congressional Research Service that speaks volumes:

The chart begins in the year 1959.

The top line is the number of poor people in the country.
The middle line is the poverty rate.
The bottom line is the unemployment rate. I wish CRS had overlaid the workforce participation rate on the chart, too.

Funny how this works:

Here is the chart of the labor force participation rate from 1978 until now. It is the measure of working-age men and women (age 16 and up) who are either employed or unemployed and seeking work. 

What's the answer? It's so simple the government will never understand it: jobs. "The poverty rate for full-time workers is just 3 percent. For those not working, it is 33 percent."

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