Monday, April 14, 2014

Why I Am Not a "Progressive" Methodist

By Donald Sensing

I'd say this is pretty close to where I come out on this matter, too: "Top Five Reasons Why I Am Not A Progressive Methodist"

1.  I don't believe that progressive Christianity holds exclusive rights to the longstanding goals of what we used to call the "social gospel" --  
2.  I believe that heaven and hell are real and that Jesus will actually return to earth one day to judge the quick and the dead.  
3.  I choose an ancient understanding of authority over a modern one. ... what is current and/or personal becomes authoritative in progressive theology.  I am of the mind that newer is almost never better when it comes to doctrine.  
4.  I hope and pray to embrace the heart of the Wesleyan movement -- a passionate belief in free will, a celebration of the assurance of salvation, and a promise to spread scriptural holiness -- without a particular attachment to its contemporary forms.  
5.  I don't read the bible literally.  I don't read the bible symbolically.  I read it literarily.
Expositions at each point.

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