Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bomber pilot helps land airliner after cockpit emergency

By Donald Sensing

Off-duty pilot lands plane and saves 160 passengers after captain suffers heart attack

U.S Air Force
Hero: Captain Mark Gongol

US Air Force bomber pilot Capt. Mike Gongol took over the pilot's seat of a United Airlines Boeing 737 after the pilot suffered a massive heart attack at 30,000 feet. He and the first officer are credited with saving the lives of the 160 souls on board.
The kicker? This:
Over the jet’s PA system one of the steward’s asked: “Are there any non-revenue pilots on board?

"Please ring your call button.”

After gaining permission from his wife he went to the cockpit ... .
He flies supersonic, atomic bombers. His airliner is in peril. And he asks his wife whether it's okay for him to help out.

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