Monday, June 16, 2014

Secret Service agents are out of shape?

By Donald Sensing

Former (retired?) Secret Service agent Dan Emmett served on the presidential protection detail over multiple administrations. In a "bombshell book," he says that Hillary Clinton treated Secret Service agents with contempt, expecting them to perform personal tasks for her such as carry her baggage.

But here is a part I don't understand in the MailOnline's subheads:

Out of shape agents were expected to keep up with the extremely fit [President] Clinton on his daily runs, as well as carry a pistol and a radio 
What is that about? Why on earth were Secret Service agents assigned to protect the president "out of shape?" Seriously? And oh, the horror! They had to carry a pistol! And a handheld radio! And who knows, maybe even another magazine of pistol ammo! How did they every manage?

The article's only explanation is that, "Before Clinton, no president ran. Reagan took naps, George H. W. Bush played tennis and golf."

Here's the article.

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