Saturday, June 14, 2014

Why lie about Lois Lerner's emails?

By Donald Sensing

IRS claims it has LOST two years worth of emails from Lois Lerner

The Internal Revenue Service has lost two years worth of emails to and from embattled former tax official Lois Lerner, the agency told congressional investigators on Friday.

The IRS promised on May 8 to turn over all her emails but now blames a computer crash for huge tranches of missing documents.

Lerner is under investigation for allegedly orchestrating a years-long program that targeted tea party groups and other conservative organizations for unusually intrusive scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status beginning in the year before the 2010 congressional midterm elections.

The House Ways and Means Committee, one of two bodies probing the case, said Friday that the IRS says that for the period of January 2009 through April 2011, the only Lerner emails it can find are those that were sent to or from other IRS employees.

Emails whose sender or recipient was outside the government, or inside other agencies, have mysteriously disappeared.

Those include the White House, the Justice and Treasury Departments, the Federal Elections Commission and Democratic congressional offices.
No one believes this, nor should they. So why lie? The only possible explanation is that the emails' contents are so damaging to the White House that having everyone know you are flat-out lying through your teeth is far better than having them read the emails.

Draw your own conclusions.

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