Thursday, July 31, 2014

Democracy is Impossible Without Faith in God

By Donald Sensing

Democracy is Impossible Without Faith in God

In the nihilist universe, since everything is totally arbitrary, political power is totally arbitrary as well. There is no justice, merely your group and your enemies, so you might as well grab all the power you can for the good of your group. In Marxism, your group is the Proletarians; in Leftism, your group is minorities; in Feminism, your group is women. It really does not matter who the group is. The point is to hurt the enemy by grabbing power.

All power is arbitrary; the only question is who gets to work his will on whom? Hence, nihilism cannot coexist with American notions of limited government.

But once you accept the Christian universe, the idea of letting one group of men, expert or not, having total and arbitrary power over the rest of us becomes absurd. We are all Sons of Adam, and, like him, prone to temptation, enslaved to sin: who would be insane enough to give a Fallen Man absolute power over his brethren? Not even the monarchs of the Middle Ages, nor the Emperors of Byzantium, arrogated to themselves the kind of absolute power routinely exercised by the Mandarins and Dictators and Glorious Leaders which the political philosophy of Socialism, when applied consistently, elevates to power.