Tuesday, July 22, 2014

What must Israel do to win the Left's approval?

By Donald Sensing

The answer is simple: Disappear.

Hamas has been launching rockets into Israel for years. Altogether, more than 6,000 rockets fired into Israeli towns without distinction whether they land in civilian or military areas. In the last two weeks along, Hamas has launched almost 2,000 rockets.

Their rockets have over time become increasingly sophisticated, longer-ranged and more explosive. Between 70-80 percent of all Israelis are within range of Gaza.

So ask your local peace Leftist one simple question: How many rockets per day should Israel simply endure and absorb before you, Mr. Peace Leftist, would personally agree that Israel has the moral and legal authority to strike back to destroy Hamas' rockets and Hamas' ability to continue rocket attacks in the future?

Ten rockets per day? Two dozen? One hundred? Or in fact is there any number of rockets Hamas can launch at Israel that justifies a military response?

The honest Leftist will simply answer no, that in fact Israel is never allowed to respond. But since there are no honest Leftists, the answer you will get goes something like this:

The Palestinian people have been oppressed by Israel for decades to the point where it is no surprise that they want to strike back. I wish the whole situation could be peacefully resolved but as long as Israel continues with the occupation of Palestinian lands there is little hope. Of course I regret every loss of life, but don't forget that Israel is slaughtering Gaza civilians by the hundreds while only a couple of Israeli civilians have been killed. This shows that it is Israel that has no regard for life. Without Israeli aggression and oppression, this war would not have occurred. It is Israel's fault that it does not live in peace with with neighbors. If it would agree to restore the pre-1967 borders for a true Palestinian state, honoring the right of return of displaced Palestinians to their ancestral homes, then there could be peace.

Do not bother to respond with facts and reason, for you cannot argue someone factually and reasonably out of a position that they didn't arrive at by facts and reason.

At least, however, there is one American Leftist who is "done apologizing for Israel."

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