Wednesday, August 13, 2014

White House: World is tranquil. Defense Secretary: 'The World is Exploding All Over'

By Donald Sensing

Just a month ago: 'WH Spokesman: Administration's Foreign Policy Has Improved 'Tranquility Of The Global Community':


Fresh off a trip to India and Australia, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel addressed a group of Marines in San Diego, California Tuesday, and may have delivered a line that will show up in Republican campaign ads this election cycle. After updating the troops on some issues in the Pacific region and the Middle East, Hagel took questions from some of the Marines and gave a stark assessment of the global security situation: "The world is exploding all over." 
Chuck Hagel has never exactly had a reputation as a strategist of any sort, but at least he seems to be able to look at facts and assess them for what they are, unlike his boss.

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