Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The world is going to blow up!

By Donald Sensing

Scientists discover supervolcano trigger that could herald humanity's doom
"Turns out we may get very little warning before big bang!"

European scientists think they've found the trigger mechanism for the eruption of supervolcanoes, the most violent and dangerous natural disasters on Earth. 
Unlike traditional volcanoes, which are easily identifiable by their mountainous shape, supervolcanoes lurk far underneath the Earth's surface. They contain huge bulbs of molten magma, some over 100km long, which periodically explode, covering huge areas with ash hundreds of meters deep which scars the lungs of any animal breathing it in. 
Around 20 supervolcanoes have been discovered under the Earth's surface (and at least one suspected site on Mars), and when they blow the results can be catastrophic.

It is, once again,The End Of Life As We Know It! Let me count the ways:

  1. The giant asteroid that could be on course to hit Earth causing massive devastation
  2. Or the scenario this year as an obscure Planet X -- or Nibiru -- heads toward or collides into Earth
  3. Or that "Unseen dark comets 'could pose deadly threat to earth'." 
  4. That's if we live long enough - doubtful because of the comet Genondahwayanung is on its way back and it pretty much annihilated most life in North America when it came here the first time.
  5. Not to worry about that, though, since we face supernova and galaxy-attack scenarios
  6. And then the massive gas cloud speeding toward a collision with the Milky Way
  7. But really, who cares about threats from outer space when out own atmosphere may detonate
  8. And then the asteroids
  9. Then the black hole death stars
  10. And we might be swallowed whole by the sun
  11. And there's an intense beam of gamma rays coming our way
  12. Then there was the fear that "human society is very quickly headed to a violent and disturbing end." 
  13. Then the earth began to kill people for changing its climate. 
  14. Then there is the voracious, galactic Hoover in Switzerland that will suck the whole planet into a black hole. 
  15. And the massive destruction along the coasts of countries like the USA, UK and many on the African continent, within a matter of hours.
  16. But don't worry about the universe collapsing since that cannot happen before our galaxy rams into another one.
  17. Don't forget that The Universe is Going to Collapse anyway!
I tell ya, I'm starting to think that sooner or later, every one of us is going to wind up dead.

This calls for a rock song

Update: A tip of the hat to Don Parker for the lead, via email, sorry I omitted this in the original post!

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