Monday, July 7, 2014

After monogamy, then what?

By Donald Sensing

 In his Social and Cultural Dynamics, Sorokin studied 1,623 "internal disturbances in Greco-Roman and European history," and found that sexual permissiveness almost always precedes or accompanies "an explosion of sociopolitical disturbances." Unwin found that every society, without exception, that rejects absolute monogamy either becomes a stagnant cultural backwater or collapses altogether.

... According to Unwin "the historical evidence [suggests] that homosexuality is a habit that appears in a society ... that has been absolutely monogamous, and is relaxing." If Unwin is correct, then the increasing prominence of homosexuality in our culture confirms ominously that America has strayed too far from the straight and narrow morality that invigorates cultures. To give homosexual couples the right to marry would be like taking another giant, virtually irrevocable step down the road to sexual anarchy and cultural ruin. 
Gay Marriage: the Distant Consequences for America

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