Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Obama voters' wake up call, cont.

By Donald Sensing

I have posted beginning just after the election that when the people who voted for Obama notice that their personal circumstances - employment, finances, health care, liberty - are all getting worse under the administration of The Won, round two, then they need to remember that worsening personal circumstances is exactly what they voted for on Nov. 6. See here, for example.

Now a few words from a D.C. lobbyist (italics added):

I told my wife the morning after the election that if the people wanted big government then let them have it as we are burrowed down in the one locale where I can continue to get paid to fight the legal and regulatory nonsense that is visited upon my clients every week. Perhaps that is a petulant attitude, but most of the folks who voted for Obama have no idea what they just did to themselves. It won’t be the rich guy who takes it in the shorts in the next four years, but the working and non working lower classes as their wages and or benefits are eroded through inflation, Obamacare hourly cut backs, and economic stagnation.

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